What Kind of Dog does your Dock Leveler Resemble?

You might never have thought about it, chances are you might still have your doubts but if you look closely enough you’re sure to see a clear resemblance between man’s best friend and dock levelers. Read on to find out more about these fun connections.

Doberman Pincher and the VSL Vertical Storing Dock Leveler

The Doberman is a muscular and powerful animal, combining strength and beauty with enduranceKelley Vertical Storing Dock Leveler and elegance. This proud breed is alert, highly intelligent and a capable guardian who is always on the defense and ready to protect its family or home. Similar traits are evident in VSL Vertical Storing Dock Leveler by Kelley®. This leveler is also always on alert, offering its owner a perfect mix between security and operational efficiency. The upright stored position of this leveler means it protects your dock door from impacts, and because it is stored inside the facility it enables the ultimate defense against energy loss. The VSL is ideal for challenging applications such as Food Processing and Cold Storage. Like the Doberman, the VSL is aesthetically pleasing and offers incredible security benefits.

Siberian Husky and the aFX Air-Powered Dock Leveler

The Siberian Husky is an ancient breed of dog, a working dog breed that originated in north-eastern Siberia. Siberian Husky’s or just Husky’s as they are more commonly known, are quick and light on their feet yet strong and resilient dogs. Their dense cashmere-like undercoat is thicker than most other breeds and allows them to ensure very cold temperatures. Maybe not as ancient as the Husky, the aFX® Air-Powered Dock Leveler has got age on its side. This dock leveler is the ‘original’ air-powered dock leveler that revolutionized the industry in the mid 1990’s. Like Huskies, this is one extremely resilient leveler and is backed by the strongest warranty in the industry, lifetime lip hinge assembly warranty, 10-year structural warranty. This dock leveler packs some seriously high endurance. Huskies are known to be light on their feet just as the aFX® is also nimble thanks to the ingenuity of its air-bag design which translates to better operational efficiency.

Border Collie and the HK Hydraulic Dock Leveler

Border Collies are known to many as possibly the smartest dog breed. Their strong will and persistent work ethic makes this dog the best sheepherding dog in the world. This dog exudes intelligence and is trainable to a very high degree. Your hydraulic dock leveler, possibly the smartest dock leveler, offers extremely high intelligence through advanced technology, especially when integrated into a Master Control Panel. The Border Collie gets along well with other dogs and children, showing exceptional adaptability as does your Hydraulic dock leveler, which can be programmed to work in a predetermined sequence with other equipment such as vehicle restraints, overhead doors and dock lights. For efficiency and repeatability at the loading dock, choose Kelley’s HK Hydraulic Dock Leveler,.


While some say owners look like their dog’s you can rest assured we aren’t suggesting you look like a dock leveler (just yet anyway), however, we hope we have showed you a little more about the variety of dock levelers that are available, each with its own strength and purpose.

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