Fans and Food Processing

A new freshness in the Air

Food processing establishments have a hefty task on their plates. To keep produce fresh and contaminant free, there are great lengths that one must go through. Having a system that improves air circulation, indoor air quality and in turn diminishes the risk of food-borne illnesses, allergens and contamination is high on the list. Food safety is more about prevention than reaction, supply chain managers would benefit from choosing products that work to preserve the perfect temperature in their facility. HVLS air circulation fans are a superb method of circulating air. The Kelley FUSION HVLS Fan creates a comfortable environment while maintaining an energy efficient facility; moreover the gentle breeze produced helps to protect the integrity of food.

Protecting the integrity of food.

The Center for Food Integrity (CFI) was established in 2007 as a non-profit organization that strives to build trust and confidence in our food system. The system covers farmers, food processors, universities, retailers, restaurants and other food companies. Awareness around food and food safety encourages food handlers to consistently provide the highest standards of care at all times. The distribution stage is a critical step in the process of getting food from soil to plate. This is where food is stored before it is transported to retail and other destinations.

Challenges to overcome.

Facilities such as warehouses give rise to a litany of potential food safety concerns. Inadequate temperature control, insufficient inspection or incorrect or lacking rotation of perishable products can lead to food spoilage. Especially products that are ‘cold chain’ and require stable cool temps. It is both costly and challenging to maintain a massive warehouse’s temperature at all times. There are, however, products that can assist you and make life a little easier.

Fusion Fan, is THE fan.

Kelley FUSION HVLS Fan Protects Food IntegrityHVLS fans are a terrific addition to your already overworked HVAC system.  These efficient HVLS fans can help regulate a facility’s temperature year-round from floor to ceiling, permitting an increase or decrease in thermostat temperature setting between 3 and 5 degrees without realizing any negative temperature changes either hot or cold.  Managing the internal temperature of a building can create energy savings of up to 4 % per degree change. So not only will you benefit from conserving the temperature in your facility you automatically increase your energy savings.


Well if increased energy savings, decreased energy consumption and protecting the integrity of food aren’t reason enough for you to go for the FUSION HVLS fan, then take a look at these additional benefits:

The Kelley FUSION HVLS fans effectively circulate air to improve air quality. Also appreciative of the FUSION’s awesomeness are workers, evident through their higher productivity. The fans slow movement does not disturb workers or kick up dust or debris AND in extreme or humid environments, Kelley’s FUSION HVLS fans assist in exhausting air and preventing moisture buildup. 

The FUSION™ series HVLS fans comes in a variety of sizes and motor horsepower for various applications and at their optimum speed setting use less than 1.1 amps. 


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