Meet one of our customers, a car dealership based in Minnesota.

Jim Lupient Infiniti in Minneapolis was trying to combat high temperatures while providing a safe and comfortable environment for their employees.  Read on to see how they found out about the great benefits of HVLS fans and discover why they reached for a Kelley FUSION HVLS fan to solve their problem.

The customer’s side of things.

“The service area of the dealership runs extremely hot in the summer,” Reynolds said.  “Between the heat from the car engines, the hot, humid weather and the service area only having one door for vehicles to enter and exit the facility, we were experiencing dead, stagnant air that was just unbearable,” he added.

Two summers ago, temperatures skyrocketed into the upper-90s and technicians working on vehicles were going home early with symptoms of heat exhaustion.  “We had to do something to keep our technicians productive, and even more importantly, safe from heat-related injuries and illnesses,” mentioned Service Manager, Brandon Reynolds. 

“The dealership purchased floor fans and provided gallons and gallons of Gatorade for the guys, but at the end of the days, the fans were noisy and simply pushed hot air around and the Gatorade just wasn’t enough.” 

The plan of action.

So, Brandon decided to do his part and researched some options, finally consulting with Kelley HVLS fan expert, Paul Duwell with Star Equipment. He decided to install aKelley FUSION HVLS Large FanKelley FUSION HVLS fan in the service area where there is no HVAC system. The goal was to provide a safe area for workers through improved air circulation.

The Kelley HVLS fan is designed to create a comfortable environment while maintaining an energy efficient facility when used in with or in this case, in place of a HVAC system. Kelley FUSION fans are available in a large selection of sizes and power configurations that are suitable for a variety of environments. Jim Lupient Infiniti chose a 24’ diameter fan.   The light-weight, anodized, single piece aluminum blades of the Kelley fan produce a massive column of air that flows down toward the floor and outward in all directions before it is pulled back vertically toward the blades to create what is known as a horizontal floor jet.  It is this floor jet that produces the circulation that provides the benefits Kelley fans have become known for over the years.

By creating this slow moving breeze at 2 to 3 miles per hour, many facilities have reported a reduction in perceived temperature equivalent to 7 to 11-degrees.  And the cooling effectiveness of the fan has really been seen within the service area of this dealership. “I would say we’ve seen a reduction in temperature well above what we were expecting, upward of 15-degrees,” Reynolds said.  “Not only does the air movement caused by the fan help to keep the service area cooler, it also forces a lot of the humidity out which really makes a big difference in managing the temperature in the building.”

Happy days.

Happy workers, happy boss, happy fans (well our fans are always happy). The Kelley HVLS fan has proved to be a great addition to Jim Lupient Infiniti by moving more air and in turn increasing employee comfort. The benefits don’t stop there, now the facility is more energy efficient with a smarter cooling option when compared to a full HVAC system for the service area.  It has also helped to regulate the facility’s temperature from floor to ceiling avoiding costly temperature changes and shifts.  Managing the internal temperature of the building creates the opportunity for energy savings of up to 4 percent per degree change. 

And, that’s only half the story, to find out what other benefits this car dealership revealed thanks to their new Kelley FUSION HVLS fan click here.