Top 5 Things You Might Not Know About Halloween

Happy Halloween to all our readers! In this blog and in the spirit of Halloween, we decided to have some fun and take a look at some facts about this scary festival. Join us as we look at the Top 5 unusual facts about ‘All Hallows Eve’

  1. Halloween is believed to be derived from a number of different festivals or celebrations around the world. For example people in China celebrate Teng Chieh. They place food and water in front of family photographs of family members who have departed. Also lanterns are lit in order to light the paths of the spirits as they travel the earth on Halloween night.
  2. In most countries around the world Halloween comes in second place after Christmas or third place after Christmas and Easter as being the highest grossing holiday of year. People spend bucket loads of money on children costumes, adult costumes, house decorations, pumpkin heads and of course, candy!
  3. This Halloween Guinness & Co. will offer customers a seasonal beer in honor of Celtic traditions called Guinness Red Harvest Stout. The limited edition stout is intended to be different from the usually festive Halloween beers that are generally pumpkin flavored. Guinness Red Harvest Stout has a unique ancient Celtic connection with Halloween through the story of Samhain, the Irish celebration. Remember always drink responsibility, and find more info here  (Are you in the beverage industry? Check out some tips especially for beverage distributors at the end of this blog).
  4. It’s not Halloween without some pumpkin carving, and ghostly faces lighting up doorsteps across the country. The concept of carving faces on pumpkins, fondly called Jack O Lanterns, originated many years ago in Europe. In fact it used to be carved on turnips and became pumpkins when the tradition landed in America because pumpkins are more readily available here… and let’s be honest they smell a lot better too!
  5. Halloween isn’t only for ghosts, ghouls, monsters and witches, no, Halloween is also considered a night for magic. On Halloween night in 1926, the famous magician Houdini died from acute appendicitis. The Madigan pledged to make contact from the other side and for 10 years after his death his wife Bess Houdini held a séance annually on the anniversary of his death.


We hope you enjoyed these unusual facts about Halloween, now we invite you to discover our ‘Tip of the Week!’

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