Seasonal Workers for the Holidays? You Could Use a Master Control Panel.

Halloween is behind us, you know what that means? Christmas is right around the corner. As stores fill the aisles with holiday decorations, holiday music is sure to fill the air and customers flood the stores searching for their holiday gifts. Yes the race is on! But what does this mean for distribution centers across the country? For many it means increased sales as we near closer to the big day. To handle this increase in demand many companies hire seasonal staff. As an employer you have an obligation to ensure your staff is safe. On the loading dock, where traffic moves fast, workers should be trained on the safest way to handle equipment. A Master Control Panel is a great way to ensure safety for seasonal workers.


Kelley’s Master Control Panel allows you to simplify your loading dock. By installing one control panel as opposed to three DSC_0513or more individual panels for each piece of equipment, training for seasonal staff will be far less complicated. A Master Control Panel also establishes an energy efficient loading dock.

The Safety Sequence

It’s all in the sequence, once you program your master control panel to work in a specific order all you need to do is push a button. You can program it so that the trailer must be securely locked in place by the vehicle restraint first before any other equipment will operate. The dock leveler can be interlocked with the other dock devices, preventing operation until all the safety systems are operational and your dock doors are open. You can even setup your dock lights to be programmed to switch on just before the dock equipment begins to function. Whatever works for your loading dock, whatever you determine to be the best sequence to ensure safety each and every time?


The Energy-saving Plus

While safety benefits of the master control panel are enough to impress most, there is another benefit that is worth a mention. Most, if not all DC’s are interested in saving energy, it’s better for the environment and it keeps costs down. With a Master Control Panel you can be sure that the only equipment in operation is the equipment being used at that point in time. If the dock door is open it is because loading or unloading is taking place, as soon as it is complete the energy saving dock doors will be closed as part of the sequence and no unnecessary energy loss will occur. The same concept applies to your dock lights, you will never leave a dock light on accidently again because it will only turn on or off as part of the sequence initiated by the push of the button on your master control panel. Saving energy is a true highlight of the master control panel and increases your return on investment at the loading dock.

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