How Does Free International Shipping Impact the Loading Dock?

I would guess as little as three or four years ago if you ordered something from a factory in the UK you would be waiting more than four or five days and paying a hefty price for shipping it. So this next piece of information may be somewhat unbelievable, but I kid you not, today companies, mainly retail businesses, are launching phenomenally good shipping offers. So phenomenal, it’s FREE! Yes, free shipping, including international shipping from countries all over the world to the United States. So how can this even be possible and who’s paying for it?

E-commerce is changing the rules of shipping, is your loading dock up-to-speed?

Hydraulic equipment offers customers unparalleled power and performance. This technology is becoming more and more popular in material handling as people begin to truly recognize the significant improvements such power can add to their productivity levels. So if you manage a distribution center that deals with e-commerce type demand such as ‘free shipping’ and if you have an insatiable drive for success you should investigate hydraulics.

Find out what a difference this power could make for you.

The HK Hydraulic Dock Leveler is a pit-style, powered dock leveler that takes automation a step further by providing an KelleyHK (3)assortment of standard automated features as well as several options to tailor the automation where you need it most. The HK can be equipped with an independent hydraulic lip control, to cycle the lip in and out wherever you need it to during the operating cycle, automatic return-to-dock which returns the leveler to its stored, level position automatically, a Mushroom –style stop button to freeze the leveler operation in the event of an emergency, and the ability to interlock controls with other equipment so that they operate in a predetermined sequence. It’s hard to beat this hydraulic dock leveler when it comes to performance.

THE leveler for handling unconventional loads.

KelleyVersa (3)Kelley’s VERSADOCK is the big dog around town. Air-ride suspensions, high-capacity “low-boy” trailers and the increasingly popular low-profile tires typically put the trailer bed outside the working range of most traditional pit-style dock levelers. This can make unloading/loading impossible in some cases. Same applies to the wider trailer widths that are becoming more and more common. Averaging 8’ 6”, compared to the conventional 7’ 0”. Wider levelers make it near impossible to maneuver a forklift and when handlers attempt to “cube out” the trailer, loads are often impossible to end-load without the use of dedicated docks or expensive truck-leveling devices. This leveler gives you power, reliable performance and higher functionality while also avoiding safety issues like stump-out.


 The VERSADOCK is sure to prevent holdups at the dock that could cost your supply chain in lost time and other damages.

The key to staying on top of the latest trends is technology. By outfitting your loading dock with the most capable innovative equipment you can meet and exceed the latest expectations of demand.


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