Reasons CSPECS and Kelley Can Help you build the Best Submittal Package

Kelley and CSPECS have joined forces to help you make the best submittal package in order to land that job. If you specify projects and you want the job, this post is for you. This system, created for Kelley by CSPECS is the most powerful and easy-to-navigate product specification system developed for the AEC community- EVER. How do we know this? What makes this system so important? How does it improve the life of a specifier?  Read this blog to find out why CSPECS, offered on the Kelley website can increase your chances of securing the job.cspecimg

  1. The vast range of products in any given category is outstanding, we know this. But try doubling or tripling the current numbers because this is an area of rapid growth so tomorrow, next week, next year- just imagine the vast range of products that will be waiting for review in order to specify. This makes it highly challenging when specifying a project because you have extra time consuming material to review. Leaving lots of room for error. Kelley can help by automating this process ensuring accuracy every time.
  2. When specifying a project customers want the best results and they want speed, efficiency and accurate product information. Nowadays, clients are clued in and have a clear vision of what they want. They evaluate and research products using one or more channels. This leaves little to no room for error when presenting a submittal package. Again, CSPECS is THE only way to automatically build a package offering supreme efficiency.
  3. CSPECS asked over 300 AEC community members to describe their most important and frustrating areas related to specifying products. So as you can imagine this program is built to solve all of these areas and address issues such as time restraints, in accurate product information and much more.

When specifying projects, do any of these issues sound familiar?

1. Websites and product databases which are hard to navigate
2. Information that is in an unusable format
3. Missing, outdated or unavailable product information?
4. Breakdown of flow when it comes to building proposals and including a variety of products

Unfortunately, the above issues cause great concern for anyone specifying projects, ultimately resulting in lost bids. With CSPECS on the site you can automate an extremely tedious and time consuming task. Not only will you have every piece of data, such as detailed product information, photos and diagrams but you can be 100% sure that when you build a submittal package for a client they will open the most accurate, cost effective and efficient proposal available on the market, and it’s efficiency like this that is sure to push you to the top of their pile every time.


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