Kelley and CSPECS How to Guide

So you’ve heard about the latest software to benefit the AEC community. You know you can find it on but how exactly do you use it?

This guide is a step by step CSPECS tutorial, we suggest that you print it out and use it as a quick go-to reference when specifying a project.

2 (2)Step one:

Go to

Step two:

Click on the ‘AEC Specs’ tab.



Step three:

When you land on this page you will notice three icons each with an explanation below.

  • The first icon is the ‘SPEC SUITE’ this is where you will find a complete database of all products including images and descriptions of each product so you can browse around for the most suitable piece of equipment.
  • The second icon is the ‘SPEC BUILDER’ if you want to create a custom specification.
  • The third icon is ‘PROJECT SUBMITTAL’ look for this if you are wanting to create a specific submittal package based on a given project it includes ALL applicable Kelley products in an easy format for sharing with your colleagues and clients.

Step four:

Depending on what it is that you desire to do, e.g. create a custom spec or build a submittal package simply click on the icon of choice. For first time users, note the ‘Before you Begin’ icon, click on this for detailed information to help you along the way.

Step five:

The system is user-friendly which means it was built with you in mind. Each step is intended to be self-explanatory so as your click your next move will be fully explained.

Requesting further information such as product images, shop drawings, etc., has never been easier. Remember this system is here to aid you so that when you send a project submittal to your client you will have the most extensive, targeted proposal available.

And there you have it, five straightforward steps with plenty of information provided along the way and you are on to THE most specific, efficient and targeted submittal project known to man, yes it is that great.

If you want a more advanced approach, all of the product pages on the Kelley site include links that take you directly to that product within CSPECS so you can start specifying straight away.

If you have any questions and would prefer to speak with a Kelley representative directly please call 1-800-558-6960:

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