New Case Study: Carroll ISD Aquatics Center

Every time a competitive swimmer breathes in a mouthful of air at the water surface, the fresher the air, the better the swimmer’s performance.

Two 24-foot diameter Kelley HVLS fans at the Carroll Independent School District (ISD) Aquatics Center in Southlake, Texas are helping to ensure just that as explained in the newest Kelley case study: Aquatics Center’s Kelley HVLS Fans Work with HVAC to Improve Air Quality and Comfort.

The Aquatics Center determined that it needed to improve its air quality environment and comfort level for all of the Aquatics Center’s patrons, but without causing any kind of negative impact on student athletes. This was due in part to new voluntary water and air quality guidelines for aquatic facilities issued in August 2014 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

IMG_5293Slow fan speed means fresher air at the surface

In addition, USA Swimming strongly recommends comprehensive air and water quality improvements to avoid what it calls “bad air” in aquatic facilities. Bad air stems from chloramines in the water that are released due to evaporation and when water is agitated. Health studies have linked chloramines to serious respiratory problems.

The Kelley HVLS fans rotate approximately 30 feet above the water surface to provide even air flow coverage. Working together with the Aquatics Center’s HVAC system, the fans move the largest amount of air at a slow enough speed to avoid causing the swimmers any discomfort.

Visiting swim teams appreciate improved air quality

Bill Christensen, Aquatics Manager, Carroll ISD Aquatics Center, noted that his staff, students and other patrons alike have noticed a big difference in air quality at the Aquatics Center compared to other aquatic facilities that do not use HVLS fans. Even visiting swim teams have voiced appreciation for the improved air quality, commenting that air directly above the water surface feels cleaner, allowing them to take deeper breaths than before.

Learn more about how the Carroll ISD Aquatics Center is using Kelley HVLS fans as an energy-efficient approach to improving both air quality and the comfort of its patrons by visiting the News & Resources page on the Kelley website or directly downloading the case study here.