New Case Study: Planet Fitness Frisco, Texas

When it comes to their vibrant purple and yellow brand identity, the folks at Planet Fitness have taken the concept of “bold” to a whole new level.

Planet Fitness has even incorporated its high-energy color scheme into a unique—yet fully functional and important—club “wow” factor at its Frisco, Texas locaIMG_8502tion. The club has installed two Kelley® Industrial HVLS fans that are powder-coated Planet Fitness purple along with complementary yellow winglets on the tip of the fan blades for added visual effect, especially while the fans are turning.

The 14-foot diameter fans are optimally sized for the Frisco application so they move just the right amount of air while turning at a slow rate of speed. And slow means that the air in the club is circulating in such a manner that it doesn’t disturb members during their workouts.

Kelley HVLS fans to the rescue

Club member comfort is paramount because that translates into returning customers, according to Club Manager, Skylar Offutt, who provides that perspective on the fans and more in the latest Kelley case study: Kelley Industrial HVLS Fans Keep Members Cool While Promoting the Colorful Planet Fitness Brand.

“The fans are one of the club’s features new members comment on because they’re so large and stand out against our black ceiling,” Offutt points out. However, the fans’ colorful statement seems inconsequential when compared to how the fans came to the rescue during a maintenance issue that shut down the club’s air conditioning. During that time period, outside temperatures exceeded 90 F and Offutt explains in the case study how the Kelley Industrial HVLS fans came to the rescue to keep club members returning and happy during the air conditioning outage.

To find out more about how Planet Fitness has incorporated Kelley Industrial HVLS fans into its branding and is ensuring that they keep club members cool and comfortable, check out the News & Resources page, or you can directly download the new case study here.