Meet Planet Fitness and the Kelley FUSION HVLS Fan

Who likes to work out when it’s stuffy, hot and humid? These conditions make you wanna hang up your running shoes and head back to the sofa with your TV remote in hand. No, in order to have a really successful workout session you need to be as comfortable as possible so when your body temperature rises, you don’t collapse from heat stress. That’s where Kelley steps in and offers up the fan that’s leading the industry in energy efficiency. Meet Planet Fitness and the Kelley® FUSION™ HVLS Fan.


Located in sunny Miami, FL where the year-round average temperature is a balmy 84.3% and it’s always swimsuit season, Planet Fitness Miami offers members an affordable option to stay healthy and fit in the city where the locals are almost as beautiful as the ocean and city-skyline views. Founded in 1992, Planet Fitness has seen tremendous growth with a boom in memberships over the last twenty years. 

Planet Fitness writes in its mission statement, “We at Planet Fitness are here to provide a unique environment where anyone – and we mean anyone – can be comfortable.”


The design of the Miami-based club incorporates multiple areas and stations, each dedicated to a specific type of workout.  While the facility has a wide-open feel, the year-round hot, humid temperatures and tough workouts oftentimes create heat in the facility that can lead to uncomfortable patrons and a decline in attendance.



“Our members are such great assets and we want to support their health and fitness goals while helping keep them cool and comfortable,” mentioned Linsky.  “We tried other types of fans in our other facilities, but at the end of the day, we went with the Kelley FUSION HVLS fans because we wanted a quality fan that was also energy efficient, and looked like it belonged in the facility with the custom design that incorporates the Planet Fitness colors, purple and yellow, and the company logo.” he said.

It was ultimately the need to keep patrons cool by assisting the HVAC unit and circulating air that drove Planet Fitness to look into installing HVLS fans throughout the facility. The goal was clear, reduce the temperature and the potential humidity in the facility.  So working with Dan Linder, national sales manager for Kelley HVLS Fans, Linsky and his partner David Bidwell opted to install three, 12’ Kelley HVLS FUSION fans with custom Planet Fitness colors and graphics.  “They are impressive with the amount of air they move around the gym,” Linsky said.  “Our members seem to appreciate them and they’ve done the job to help circulate air with the unique HVAC we opted to install. “The Kelley FUSION HVLS fan is designed to create a comfortable environment while maintaining an energy efficient facility. They are available in a large selection of sizes and power configurations that are suitable for a variety of environments, and ceiling heights as demonstrated by Planet Fitness.

End Result

HVLS fans are designed to keep Planet Fitness patrons (and employees) cool and comfortable as well as serve as an energy efficient supplement to any HVAC system.  While Planet Fitness is getting the most out of their new fans through energy savings and improved air circulation, the Kelley FUSION fans have also proven to be a great compliment to another key initiative, increasing Planet Fitness memberships. Who doesn’t want to work out under the coolest energy efficient fan?

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