5 Ways to Save Time and Save Money at the Loading Dock

img_0010 (2)Life moves fast, sometimes it moves too fast for most of us. As vacations gets shorter and chill-out time wears thinner, it’s important to remember that sometimes a little reflection is needed. I mean, just think about the loading dock, it’s a potential hazard zone with moving product, traffic and busy people. If everyone was stressed out and deprived of any form of downtime it is possible that accident/incident rates would soar. We are all about efficiency, so let’s take a look at some fun ideas and ways to save time during your workday, even at the loading dock, even if your facility has 30 or more HVLS fans. It’s possible with Kelley!

1. “Walk the Talk” it’s not just a metaphor for following through on your word.

Are you wasting labor hours with workers, walking aimlessly from fan to fan and adjusting settings? Install iFAN and automate your HVLS fan network today. Put an end to repeatedly walking to fans, instead walk to get fit and tackle company agendas. Use meetings with your employees as a time to exercise. Not only do you gain some healthy points by moving and being active but studies suggest that people are more relaxed and likely to communicate clearly when their hands and/or feet are busy. Use this creative technique to consolidate your daily exercise and meetings into one healthy fix.

2. Is it time to call a friend?

Outsourcing jobs that just aren’t your forte is not lazy, it’s downright smart! Just because you have always done something doesn’t make it right, healthy, effective or efficient. Take an honest look at your daily routine; are there jobs that you could delegate to another employee who is more suited? Even if you decide to change something minor about your routine it could be worth precious time to you, time that you could invest into other pressing responsibilities. You can always trust iFAN to control your network of HVLS fans in an efficient manner. Lean on iFAN to monitor by time, temperature setting or variance and even interconnect with fire suppression systems for increased safety.  Start putting time back into your wallet today.

3. Clean-up time.

Stop wasting time looking for misplaced or lost items. Clutter can get in the way and cause other problems, like lost paperwork or confusion on project objectives. Every now and then make a point of cleaning and clearing, whether you sit behind a desk or a forklift, take pride in your work and declutter your workspace. Look at your system of fans, are there wires draped around the place? Creating potential safety hazards and just holding things up? With iFAN and a HVLS fan network in place your facility will benefit from extreme efficiency, daisy chained together, these fans, create clarity and function within your facility. Control your fans settings automatically from a user friendly interface and watch your time management tick over to success.

4. Communicate better.

Be clear with your guidelines and plans for your day. If you want to spend an hour every day responding to emails then communicate this clearly with your staff. If you expect your team to check that the equipment is turned off correctly before locking up for at night ensure that you communicate it sufficiently. iFAN establishes clear communication between your HVLS fan network trust and a centralized computer with navigation buttons that turn fans on or off, control temperature settings and the ability to troubleshoot from a single location. Now that’s clear communication and if communication is clear between you, your team and your operations you will save yourself time with the added value of increased safety. A team that communicates clearly at the loading dock is sure to spot potential hazards sooner.

5. Save time and headaches at the loading dock, why not automate your HVLS fans.

There is nothing more fun than walking from fan to fan, adjusting setting after setting, eh, yeah right! Automate your way to increased energy-savings and a more stress free facility. Thankfully there is a system available which will step in and do just that! iFAN® from Kelley means you can adjust settings on your HVLS fans individually, collectively or by targeted zone. Just think about the time that you save every day, then think about how you can reinvest this time into your business. Using an easy-to-use interface you can remotely control your network of 30 or more fans, so you can catch up on other areas of concern.

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