Use AquaShield at the Loading Dock and Leave the Falls at Niagara

Welcome back, we hope you’ve had a great week. Let’s get moving with our “Dock Seals and Shelters Series”. Take a look at another scenario that calls for a unique solution.

Water, water, water everywhere!

Waterfalls are splendid to look at. Some of us even enjoy swimming underneath the magnificent rush of water. No one, however, would place their water sensitive prized possessions underneath one of these natural wonders. Unless, of course, you were trying to completely ruin it. So would you subject your product to a waterfall during loading/unloading at the loading dock?

AquaShield® Rain Sealing SystemIt happens more than you might think. You go out of your way to purchase a shelter in a
strategic effort to protect your commodity coming off or going onto a trailer. The problem is many times water and/or snow can build up on the top of the trailer. Especially if the weather is bad or you live in a rainy or snowy climate, and made worse when a trailer is staged for some time. Enough time for snow to fall and collect on the roof. When a trailer backs into the dock and the doors are opened, hey presto, a waterfall rushes down into the trailer, the loading dock and yes, right on-top of your product.

Don’t trust the weatherman, always plan for rain.

But is this a problem you will face at your loading dock?

Well, that’s why a dock survey is better than a weatherman and always step one before you make any decisions about how to equip your loading dock. An expert will know the signs and will help you choose the most ideal solution for sealing and/or sheltering your loading dock.

Things that ought to be considered include the depth of the slope that exists at your loading dock. The more intense the slope, the higher the probability of water buildup will be. Another factor to take into account is what direction your loading dock faces. Is it facing a direction that is likely to be against rain and wind? Through measuring with the right tools a dock expert can tell exactly what type of shelter and options you need to keep external moisture out and keep your products dry.


Avoid natural wonders like waterfalls at the loading dock.

The AquaSheild Rain Sealing System from Kelley can be added as an option to your seal orWiper pad that prevent water damage at the loading dockshelter. This clever product is designed with a ‘wiper blade’ to ‘push’ water or snow back, sealing the top of the trailer. Just visualize the trailer backing into position at the loading dock, the ‘wiper blade’ meets the top of the trailer and gently pushes the water or snow back away from the dock opening. The tight seal that is created by the AquaSheild keeps your loading dock area dry and your product safe while also eliminating wet, slippery conditions that can cause serious accidents.    

Again, your best bet is to contact an expert and start a conversation about your specific needs and desires at the loading dock. Don’t sit idly by while your product and employees are at risk of ‘unnecessary’ damage or injury at the loading dock, research and investigate the right solution for your application today!

Schedule your free dock survey today by calling 800-558-6960or click here to request more information.

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