US Manufacturing is up but is it Sustainable?

Over the past few years, manufacturing articles across main stream and trade publications have been dominated by the woes of economic strain. Things are gradually beginning to change as you flick the pages of your favorite publications you will see a new trend, positive change. Thanks to an increase in demand and advances in technology, US manufacturing firms saw a gradual (still positive) increase in growth in 2012 and this increase is set to ‘steadily’ continue into the future. It is time to look honestly at your distribution system and ask “is your warehouse sustainable?” and “is your loading dock energy efficient?”

Start at the root.

The loading dock is the beginning of all manufacturing; raw materials come through it and your product will most certainly pass over a dock leveler on its way to its final destination. So it makes sense to have an energy efficient loading dock. An operation where you can rest assured that your employees are comfortable, happy to work and operating costs are low. Kelley has been offering material handling solutions since 1953 and today it focuses on providing sustainable, energy efficient solutions that are sure to increase operational efficiency. One such product is the FUSION HVLS fan. The type of warehouse fans you choose make a big difference to your sustainability goals.

Fan your plant with hefty benefits.

dscn2782The Kelley FUSION HVLS fan is designed to create a comfortable environment while maintaining an energy efficient facility. These energy saving big warehouse fans are available in a large selection of sizes and power configurations that are suitable for a variety of environments. The lightweight, single piece anodized aluminum blades of these fans produce a massive column of air that flows down toward the floor and outward in all directions before it is pulled back vertically toward the blades to create what is known as a horizontal floor jet.  It is this floor jet that produces the circulation that provides the benefits Kelley HVLS fans have become known for over the years.

Sustainability isn’t just a word.

Sustainability is all about impact, be smart by using hvls fans to cool employees. Every decision that your business makes must be a considered one to see what impact it will have on the environment. Through using products that are more energy efficient you can actually reserve resources such as electricity, water, fossil fuels, etc. In a warehouse that stores food or beverages, air circulation is extremely important and works to protect the integrity of your products. By reducing energy consumption and preventing spoilage and/or waste you can contribute to making your DC more sustainable.

More fan benefits.

Yes, the benefits of a Kelley FUSION HVLS fan go further, thanks to the floor jet (mentioned above). The fan creates a slow moving breeze at 2 to 3 miles per hour and many facilities have reported a reduction in perceived temperature equivalent to 7 to 11 degrees Fahrenheit. The sensation of coolness is not dependent on air temperature; instead it is the circulation that causes the air to feel cooler than it actually is as the breeze passes over employees’ skin.

The good news is there are experts who can come out to your  facility to assess what areas might need to be updated to be more energy efficient, sustainable and save you money once installed.

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