Safe Twisting, Bending and Lifting in the Warehouse

Safety where workers are lifting, bending and twisting as a part of a ‘normal days’ work’ can be challenging. How can you as an employer ensure that your employees use safe lifting techniques without constantly standing over them? Training is the obvious answer but sometimes we need a little more help than a few hours of safety training. That’s when we turn to technology.

Bending, twisting and lifting in the warehouse

In a warehouse setting there is no better way to increase productivity and employee safety than by effectively automating a variety of simple tasks. So instead of a worker reaching for the work, you install a solution that will bring work to the worker and reduce the amount of unnecessary bending and twisting they experience each day.  In the next few sections we will include some solutions to help your employees easily lift, tilt and turn materials, saving backs and joints from the repeated wear and tear that can easily cause injuries.

Rock, paper, scissor.

HULK® Scissors Lift Table

Scissors Lift Tables provide a versatile, ergonomic and safe lifting solution.

Safety is no game and that’s why Kelley engineers designed the scissor lift tables to provide an ergonomic and safe lifting solution for just about any warehouse application.  Manufactured of solid steel legs for support and strength, and controlled with high-pressure cylinders with safety velocity fuses to prevent uncontrolled descent, most lift tables meet the American National Standards Institute’s requirements (ANSI) for industrial lifts.

Again we emphasize that by bringing work to the employees who might be working along production or packing lines you can automatically reduce worker fatigue and drastically decrease the risk of serious back injuries.

Tilting toward ergonomics. 

Next up we have tilter tables which function very similar to scissor lift tables in that they raise materials to workers, preventing unnecessary bending and lifting.  However, tilter tables take these scissor lifts a step further and tilt the work into the employee’s work area, further reducing the

safe lifts for safe lifts

Safe lifting sometimes requires ‘help’ and technology can be that ‘help.’

movement and leaning required to access materials.

Generally used with small parts and components that are typically stored in bins and baskets, tilters position these parts and hard to reach objects within simple reach of workers to minimize the need to reach and bend to access materials when assembling products or picking orders, creating a more ergonomic and efficient work process.

Turn up safety and productivity.

So you get the idea, to reduce injury and keep your warehouse workers safer and therefore more productive, simply increase ergonomics. Decrease the amount of bending, twisting and awkward movement with a series of smart ergonomic solutions.

To find out more about these solutions, take a look here.