Is it possible to prevent energy loss around your dock leveler?

First let’s consider the type of dock leveler that you have at your facility. Standard pit-mounted dock levelers provide safe trailer access for forklifts, but the nature of their design creates gaps along the perimeter of the leveler where air infiltration can occur creating an inviting environment for energy loss.

Now, just think: if you have dozens of dock units with dozens of dock levelers that’s a substantial amount of ‘gaps’ that all add up to a significant source of energy loss. Alas! Don’t fret, Kelley Entrematic has a solution to help prevent energy loss through the gaps around the dock leveler.

How to prevent energy loss around your dock leveler?

The good news is that most new and existing pit-style dock levelers can be outfitted with an advanced weatherseal system. This system is comprised of a combination of durable open-cell foam and heavy-duty vinyl that provides a superior perimeter seal along the sides and rear of the dock leveler to block dirt, debris, insects and most importantly prevents energy loss that is vital to a sustainability program.

A superior perimeter seal for any dock leveler.

A superior perimeter seal for any dock leveler.

Save energy around new and old dock levelers.

Purchasing new dock levelers or applying it to existing levelers, Energy Guard adds an additional layer of protection against energy loss on the loading dock, dock levelers can be coated on the underside with spray foam insulation to minimize the platform’s ability to conduct heat or cold, further sealing off the dock from the elements. Also, it’s important to note that while this sealing system is going to increase the sealing capability along the perimeter of your dock leveler it will not restrict access to the pit for cleaning and dock leveler inspection. There are no curtains or fabric mounted in front of the pit that might block access to the dock leveler.

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