If USDA Increases Speed should you Increase Sanitation?

Well, that is somewhat of a loaded question because as anyone in the food processing industry knows, sanitation is never up for debate. Any facility that says “Yeah I need to up the ante on the sanitation front” well, they have serious issues, and I for one do not want to receive any chicken fillets from that plant, thank you very much! Although, there are those situations where new technologies, such as a certain type of equipment, a new door, a new dock leveler, a new cooling system whatever it may be, if it improves your sanitation efforts than it simply makes your process more efficient.

How the USDA is speeding up.

A recent article in FoodSafetyMagazine.com explained that the USDA intends to embark on a new ‘speedier’ system for conducting inspections. For example, currently one inspector inspects 35 birds per minute. The new method would mean that inspection speed would pick up to 175 birds per minute that’s an increase of 400%!!

What will these inspectors do with all their extra time?

That’s where you come in. These inspectors will apply their extra time to other areas of inspection off the line. The new speedier system is believed to potentially reduce pathogen levels in poultry products and therefor permit Food Safety Inspection Service, FSIS, to perform inspections on other food-safety areas. Perhaps doing walkabouts, and verifying KelleyVertical_sm0428sanitation in the plant or checking antimicrobial controls in the facility. This means that your facility, areas that may have at one time been glazed over are now up for scrutinizing and stringent verification.

One step in the right direction on the loading dock starts where?
Wash downs are number one for food processing plants. Standard dock levelers can make this a more time consuming task because  waste, etc. can get lodged between the concrete pit and the leveler and even power washers can have a hard time getting in at these places and removing all traces of food. If the food is not removed it begins to decay and attracts unwanted rodents and so the cycle continues…

Stay ahead of any USDA plans to increase their speed. Stay ahead of your sanitation goals.

The Kelley Vertical Storing Dock Leveler is an alternative to pit-style dock levelers. Vertical storing dock levelers store upright when not in use. Their upright design means the dock door can close tightly against the concrete floor and seal in energy and lock out the elements. By locking out the elements you are also helping to keep a drier floor which translates into a safer floor for all loading dock traffic. But most importantly, for food processing plants, this vertical storing dock leveler means wash downs are far easier and thus more effective. Your power washer can reach places that are typically missed with a standard style leveler, why? Because it’s upright and no pieces of chicken or other bits of food will be out of sight. Ensuring that after a wash down your dock area is perfectly clean and ready for inspection at any time.

Think twice about sanitation, always.

Before you say, “oh the USDA will never speed up that much” bare this in mind, the increase in speed could save $90 million over three years and you know what they say about money? It’s a motivator!

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