Dear Santa, This Year I Want Energy Efficiency at the Loading Dock

Dear Santa,ChristmasCard2013

This year there is only one thing that I wish for on my Christmas list. Now, I know, I know, I’m sure you’re thinking “that can’t be right, for you’ve been such a good dock leveler, diligently handling all those loads, assuring to efficiently span the gap between the trailer and the loading dock, time after time” but you see Santa, this would be the most rewarding gift of all gifts that you possibly give to me.

This gift would see me through the year, it would ensure that I can be the type of energy efficient dock leveler I’ve always dreamt of being, one that always provides a superior perimeter seal along my sides and my rear (oops). You see Santa; most other dock levelers are equipped with a standard seal that typically misses these areas. This creates gaps, holes and plenty of opportunities for air infiltration and energy loss. Not only does this mean a loss of energy and temperature fluctuation but it also means that the facility is not protected against dirt, debris, insects or rodents.

So Santa, this gift while it might not seem like much, truly is the greatest gift I could receive…this year I wish for ‘Energy Efficiency’ and lots of it, by the truck loads please if you would, because this loading dock is losing energy rapidly on a daily basis (and no one even notices). This year, I would like a superior dock leveler seal, the best of the best; I would like Kelley Energy Guard!

Thank you Santa!

Signed, The loading dock on the right after the gate.

Can we help Santa fulfill your loading dock’s Christmas wish?



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