3 Pieces of Loading Dock Equipment You Should be Glad Exist

In a manufacturing, distribution or warehouse facility there are few places more dangerous to pedestrians than the loading dock area. These dangers can include forklifts racing in and out of truck trailers, open doors that lead to drops to the driveway below and even concerns like early trailer departure can lead to serious accidents. And the costs of these types of injuries can quickly add up. In 2012, the Liberty Mutual Safety Index revealed that these kinds of incidents cost the material handling industry $5.78 billion annually.


Join Kelley as we take a look at 3 pieces of loading dock equipment that you should be glad exist:KelleyProductivityInterior

1. The Kelley Vertical Storing Dock Leveler is an alternative to pit-style dock levelers. Vertical storing dock levelers store upright when not in use. Their design allows the dock door to close tightly against the concrete floor, sealing in energy and locking out the elements. By locking out the elements you are also helping to keep a drier floor which translates into a safer floor for all loading dock traffic.

KelleyStar42. The
STAR® 4 Vehicle Restraint is a popular solution for restraining a trailer securely and safely at the loading dock. It’s
engages a trailer’s rear impact guard and limits trailer movement away from the dock. The engaged restraint limits things like trailer creep, prevents things like early departure, helping to increase safety at the loading dock.


3. AquaShield® Rain Sealing System is specifically designed to keep external moisture out of the loading/unloading area. This system mounts over a dock seal or shelter and literally wipes the water off the top of the trailer as it backs into position with its unique “wiper” pad design. This option is ideal for any dock that wants a drier loading dock floor. By pushing the water, ice or snow back away from the dock at the top of the trailer, the AquaShield also prevents it from dropping onto the dock floor below.


From keeping your floors drier to limiting trailer creep these pieces of engineering ought to help you and you loading dock remain highly productive and operationally efficient no matter what the weather suggests.


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