Extreme Loads Call for Heavy-Duty Dock Equipment

Heavy industrial facilities that handle large, weighty products such as pulp/paper, automotive or steel, have unique needs. It’s not about the footprint of the space, but the size and weight your equipment can handle within high-volume traffic flows. For these extraordinarily heavy loads, you need heavy-duty industrial dock equipment that can stand up to extreme loads while also providing operational efficiency and safety. These product solutions are designed to handle large loads:

Powered Dock Levelers

While air bag levelers may suit some applications, hydraulic dock levelers with capacities of 60,000 lbs. and higher are the preferred choice for heavy industrial uses. Special accommodations and options often include:

  • A safety barrier lip to prevent accidental roll off from the dock due to the lack of visibility caused by oversized loads.
  • Extra-wide and extra-long levelers for full-cube and below-dock end-loading, as well as the flexibility to handle tugs vs. forklifts.

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Trailer Restraints

Powered RIG-style restraints equipped with interior/exterior LED lights are the best choice for many heavy industrial docks because they optimize communication and safety for both dock workers and drivers. In some facilities, powered wheel chocking systems with interior/exterior LED lights are required.

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FF Series FLEXFRAME® Dock Shelter

Dock Shelters

Because larger doors are required to accommodate large, heavy industrial loads, dock shelters are the most efficient choice for keeping the loading dock dry and productive. However, the type of dock seal or shelter that works best can vary by loading requirements.

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Dock Doors

Two types of doors are particularly valuable for heavy industrial docks: powered sectional doors can improve operational efficiency, and heavy-duty, damage-resistant, impactable doors can take the abuse of weighty loads to minimize downtime.

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Master Control Panels

A Kelley master control panel lets you integrate and sequence the operation of all your loading dock equipment to maximize equipment utilization, resulting in better throughput and safety.

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Yard & Dock Management Software

4SIGHT logistics software integrates seamlessly with Kelley loading dock equipment, so you can easily monitor activity in your yard and loading dock and improve productivity through automated scheduling and gate operations.

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High-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans are recommended for maximizing employee comfort and safety. HVLS fans improve temperature control, which leads to higher productivity.

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