Cost-Effective Dock Solutions for Smaller Operations

Just because you have a smaller operation doesn’t mean you don’t face similar security, safety and operational issues as larger operations. The dock solutions that work best for your facility will vary depending on frequency of use. Conventional non-powered dock equipment will typically work well for those docks processing a low volume of trailers daily, but powered dock levelers are recommended for moderate users as they provide a lower lifetime cost of ownership. And if you’re working in a leased space, you may have special equipment needs. Explore these dock solutions for low-volume warehousing facilities:

Dock Levelers

Mechanical pit-style dock levelers and edge-of-dock levelers are often the best solution for low-volume facilities. Modular dock bridges are another valuable solution, particularly in leased spaces, because they require no concrete work and provide a lower lifetime cost of ownership than many other types of dock levelers.

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Dock Seals

With the smaller door sizes in these facilities, dock seals tend to be a better solution for providing an effective barrier against the elements.

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Dock Doors

Depending on the climate in your location, you’ll want to consider either conventional insulated or non-insulated sectional doors for your loading dock.

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Trailer Restraints

A variety of Kelley vehicle restraints are recommended for maintaining safety and security at low-volume facilities. However, rubber wheel chocks and ALS/MLS LED light communication systems can provide basic levels of safety.

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Extend the reach of your HVAC systems by installing high-volume, low-speed fans. These fans circulate the air, improving employee comfort while reducing energy consumption.

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Basic accessories such as LED Dock Lights or Turbo-ES trailer fans are often used to improve visibility and environmental conditions inside trailers.

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