Solutions for an Energy-Saving Loading Dock

When protecting and monitoring the thermal envelope is critical – including any cooler or freezer facility – specialized dock equipment is key. Maintaining environmental control requires implementing gap control measures to prevent energy loss around or through the loading dock. This gap control can be achieved through a variety of energy-saving loading dock equipment options

Vertical-Storing Dock Levelers

Vertical-storing dock levelers used in conjunction with a Thermal Guard Package can provide greater security and temperature control.

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Trailer Restraints

Powered RIG-style restraints with LED communication lights provide the best solution for safety at Cold Storage loading docks. The HH3000 Recessed Restraint is a particularly effective combination when used with Vertical-Storing Dock Levelers. For specialized applications where lift-gates are more common than ICC bars, powered wheel chocking systems are an equally effective alternative.

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Insulated Dock Doors

Powered heavy insulated sectional doors with higher R-values are recommended for creating an energy-saving loading dock.

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Dock Seals or Shelters

Depending on your loading requirements, a dock seal or dock shelter can keep the elements out to keep your temperature-controlled loading dock safe and energy-efficient.

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Master Control Panels

A Kelley master control panel allows you to integrate and sequence the operation of all your loading dock solutions to maximize equipment utilization, resulting in improved productivity and energy-efficiency.

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Yard & Dock Management Software

4SIGHT logistics software gives you visibility into all operations within your yard and loading dock. With automated scheduling features, 4SIGHT systems help you track trailers, minimizing energy loss due to doors left open or trailers running unnecessarily, and reducing spoilage due to time delays.

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